eCommerce Packages

Two value packed eCommerce packages that will kick start your online store.

All Our Packages Include:

  • Custom Built Responsive Design
  • Latest Website Technology
  • Content Management System
  • Easy Self Updatable Images, Content & Media
  • Maximum 30 Days Turnaround
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Technical Support
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  • Landing Pages
    The amount of webpages or product pages that will be individually designed by us including content layout, imagery and functionality.
  • Content Pages
    The amount of web pages such as about us, T&C's, return policys etc.
  • Number of Products
    The amount of products that can be added to your website through the content managment system.
  • Number of Categories
    The number of product categories that can be added to your shop through the content management system.
  • Number of Email Addresses
    The number of personalised email addresses such as [email protected] that can be setup.
  • Responsive Design for all Devices
    Your website will appear pixel perfect in every device including all phones & tablets.
  • Contact Enquiry Form
    Contact forms allows users to leave their details and have them sent directly to your email address.
  • Social Media Icon Integration
    Any social media accounts that you may have will be linked via social media icons throughout the site
  • Search Engine Optimized
    Onpage search engine optimization will be completed on your site before handover.
  • Google Analytics + Webmaster Tools
    Track the amount of traffic and other metrics to your website.
  • News/Blog Section + Homepage Feed
    A full featured blog with profiles, commenting system and membership system available.
  • PayPal Integration
    PayPal payment gateway will be available to customers to complete there transaction using a credit card.
  • Credit Card Gateway
    Use any of your favourite payment gateway options to be integrated into your ecommerce website, including Stripe &
  • Product Reviews
    Options available to allow your customers to rate and leave a review of the of individual products you offer.
  • Product Inventory & Order Tracking
    Fully track levels of stock, current order statuses and many more options.
  • Coupons & Gift Cards
    Issue coupon codes for sales and special events and gift cards for customer presents easily through the content management system.
  • Multi Currency
    Set multiple currency options on stock to allow for overseas visitors to pay in there own currency.
  • Sales Reporting
    Track daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales data in graphical representations with quick export options for accounting use.
  • Profile System
    Allow users to create profiles with all there user information for easy return purchases.
  • Shipping Methods
    Set shipping rates based off individual products dimensions and weight.
  • Australia Post Calculator
    Australia Post shipping rates are integrated into your ecommerce system to give accurate shipping quotes prior to purchase.
  • Multiple Carrier Options
    Automatically quote customers using there favourite courier services including DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.
  • Shipment Tracking
    Allow users to track there order statues through your ecommerce website.
  • Multlingual
    Allow for international customers to view the site in there first spoken language.
  • Product Zoom
    Upload high resolution images of your products and allow for easy zooming through the product page.
  • Pagespeed optimised
    Google Pagespeed score of A-B for ultra fast loading pages and improved search engine ranks.
  • Email Newsletter Integration
    Connect with your customers through integrated email signup areas throughout your site.







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